Hi, I'm Marc, a British illustrator, comic book artist and background layout artist.


   After graduating Edinburgh College of Art in 2009, I moved to Melbourne, Australia where I currently work as Layout Lead at Studio Moshi.

   My Illustrations have appeared on posters for clubs and small movie studios, flyers, and several short story / poetry anthology books. I have also worked on published comic books and as a character designer for story driven projects.

   After finding work as a layout artist, and later layout lead with Studio Moshi, I have had the opportunity to work on shows like Monster Beach for Cartoon Network, Space Chickens for Disney XD, as well as shows that have appeared on Nickelodeon and Netflix.

   As an artist, I aim to be constantly learning and growing through study and experimentation. My work varies from character focused to creating and developing interesting worlds and locations, but will always reflect my passion for visual story telling.

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